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Goulash is the supper to make on those evenings when just an ameliorating, healthy feast will do! It’s essentially a definitive solace nourishment – macaroni and ground meat stewed in an appetizing sauce and beat with dissolved cheddar? Um, truly, sign me up!


Hungarian goulash is totally different from American goulash which is what I’m sharing. The European adaptation is even more a stew made with meat and vegetables and prepared with paprika. It’s regularly served over potatoes or noodles.

American goulash is made with ground meat and macaroni and a tomato-based sauce. The formula I’m sharing is fundamentally the same as what my mother used to make for us experiencing childhood in Minnesota – it’s simply acceptable generous solace nourishment! THIS RECIPE IS ALL ABOUT THE PANTRY INGREDIENTS!

You all know me – I love exploiting my storeroom to make supper. Despite the fact that this fixing list looks long, a large portion of the things are presumably concealed in your wash room at the present time!

Ground hamburger – I ordinarily utilize a 80/20 blend, yet you can go less fatty, however it won’t have as a lot of flavor.

Diced onion – Using dried onion spares personal time, yet you can substitute with crisp in the event that you’d like.

Minced garlic – I generally have a container in my refrigeratore of minced garlic to spare time.

Salt and pepper

Canned diced modest tomatoes (don’t deplete it!) – You can subsitute customary diced tomatoes, yet my family inclines toward the dainty diced!

Worcestershire sauce

Low sodium meat soup – You don’t need to utilize low-sodium. In the event that you utilize normal you might need to skirt the salt and season in the wake of cooking.

Tomato soup

Darker sugar

Narrows leaves

Elbow macaroni – Any noodles will work!

Destroyed cheddar – Shred this yourself to augment the “gooey” softened cheddar factor.

Step by step instructions to MAKE GOULASH IN ONE POT

I love, love, love that this entire dish meets up in one pot. You don’t need to heat up the pasta in one pot and make the remainder of it in a different skillet. It’s an easily overlooked detail however it has a major effect – when less pot to manage and less dishes to wash.


Cook the meat, onions and garlic together in an enormous pot or dutch broiler. Make certain to separate the hamburger as it cooks and when it’s never again pink feel free to empty off the overabundance fat out of the container.


Include the salt, pepper, tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, stock, soup, dark colored sugar and cove leaves. Give it every one of the a decent mix, spread the pot with a top and stew the sauce for 20 minutes or thereabouts. Those appetizing flavors will combine and blend making a delightful sauce for your Goulash!


When the sauce has stewed include the macaroni and give it a mix. Spread the dish again and cook the pasta for 15 to 20 minutes or until its delicate. As the pasta cooks it will discharge starch which will help thicken the sauce. It takes a little longer along these lines – on the off chance that you heated up the pasta independently it would require some investment – yet it wouldn’t retain each one of those delectable flavors from the sauce! Additionally, less pots to wash!

In the event that you notice you need progressively fluid as it cooks, simply add a touch of water to the container


At the point when the pasta is delicate feel free to angle out those inlet leaves and dispose of them. Sprinkle the cheddar over the top and spread with the top. When the cheddar has dissolved – it just takes five minutes – this one-pot goulash is prepared to serve.